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  • PLZ CHECK PMS i absolutely NEED ur hand in this project im doing (will be worth the effort)
    thanks for the drawing, secret santa! it's sick
    thanks! fyi the first three panels were from my secret santa entry last year, when i was asked to draw illumise doing encore. when i saw your request i thought it would be funny to continue the comic
    Okay thanks for your help, and I will try it later and I will check on photoshop if it is the right size as well
    Well on photoshop I set the cAnvas size to 750 x 1050 and then did it all. I noticed it had changed the size for some reason so I edited it again. Then I went on imageshack and put it at the message board size 400 x 600 so somewhere it has changed again?
    On the card project I don't think my card came out the right size so can you help me get it the right size? It is the 7 of heart flareon
    Yeah, the arms really do look kinda off (I just took a look at bulbapedia) but I really want to make it look like she's using Swords Dance, you know? Any thoughts on that? (Maybe as it is in-game with the blue swords around her?)

    Thanks for the rest anyway!
    Hey there, I had reserved the QC-Jumpluff a few days ago (in the card thread) and decided to get started... here is a really really rough draft. This is as good as my scanner could get it, sorry if it is too bright.

    Since I have never done art to be seen in public (know what I mean?) I'd like it if you could give me a few hints maybe?

    Btw I'm going to do it with colored pencils, then I'm just gonna scan it. I don't own a tablet and drawing digitally w/o one is really hard.

    EDIT: ignore the bottom right square, it's an idea I came up with but it didn't come out as good as the first one imo.
    icepick, i'm a giant fan of your art - could i maybe use one of your drawings as an avatar? :)
    Sorry, i've been busy with work lately, but it's under the works/ I'll have it finished by friday. haha..
    here but in wrong size, I browse mainly on my phone so I keep forgetting to resize it when I'm on my comp sorry
    i think i'll give up on it. I have base and stuff done, but i don't like the way it is, as well as i barely have time to color it. I'm really sorry v.v
    Working on it a little now and then! Is there a deadline I should know about? Sorry!
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